Diesel Heater 230,000 BTU


Diesel Heater – your key to warmth and comfort for outdoor events and tent rentals.
Stay cozy throughout your event.


Rentastic Party Rental Diesel Heater, is your ultimate solution for cozy warmth during outdoor events and tent rentals. Designed with your comfort in mind, our heater ensures that every gathering remains toasty and enjoyable, regardless of the weather outside.

Ideal for tent rentals, our diesel heater boasts a generous capacity of approximately 40 gallons, providing up to 24 hours of continuous heating. Say goodbye to chilly evenings and hello to uninterrupted warmth, ensuring your guests stay comfortable throughout the entire event.

At Rentastic Party Rental, we understand the importance of convenience. That’s why we offer the option to order extra diesel for on-site refills, ensuring that your heater keeps running smoothly without any interruptions. With our heater, you can focus on creating memorable experiences for your guests while we take care of the warmth.

Elevate your outdoor events to the next level with the Rentastic Party Rental Diesel Heater. Trust in our reliability, efficiency, and commitment to keeping you warm, no matter the occasion. Book your heater today and make your next event a cozy and unforgettable experience.

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